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At a Glance

AMC Granite in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has worked on various projects before. Browse through our gallery to see photos of our works.

Kashmir White

Giallo Fiorito


Absolute Black

Bianco Antico

Baltic Brown

Cariola Green

Santa Cecilia

Emerald Pearl

Desert White

Persian Pearl

Four Seasons

Butterfly Yellow

Crystal Yellow

Kashmir Rose


Tropical Giallo

Tan Brown

Giallo Ornamental

Tropical Brown

Yellow Moon

Bainbrook Brown

Blue Pearl


Pepper White

Maritaca Yellow

Amber White

Verde Butterfly

New Venetian Gold

Cristalina Gold

Giallo California

Golden Yellow

Venetian Gold

Granite Colors

Below are just a few of the granite colors that AMC Granite works with. If you have seen another granite color that you would like to use for your countertop that's not listed below, contact us. We can usually find it at one of the many granite stone yards that we do business with.

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